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I don’t know anything about flowers, where do I start?

Planning a wedding can open up a whole new world of flowers and greenery for many of our clients and we usually recommend that you start with Pinterest and Instagram to get some inspiration for the style and aesthetic of your big day. From here you can send us some images ( or add us to your Pinterest board ) you like and we can advise you on what kind of flowers we can use and help you brainstorm some ideas!


My friend is a florist. And we would like her to do the bouquets to help save some money is this ok?

We prefer that we supply the flowers for your wedding or event exclusively. We are proud of the work we produce and making your flowers exclusively ensures consistency throughout the floral aspect of your big day and also protects our reputation.

Working in such a creative capacity means we also want the credit and praise for our work to come to us and not another person or business which can happen with more than one vendor working on the same element of an event.

How much can I expect to spend on my wedding flowers?

Our wedding flowers are bespoke to your special requirements but our clients will usually spend between $1500 and $4000 for their wedding flowers if they want the full spread ( bridal party and venue flowers ) and around $500 for just the bridal party.

In saying that, the final cost will depend on the style and flowers that you choose.

For example, a floral dominant compact arrangement will cost more than a wild arrangement with plenty of foliage as it requires more floral content. Being flexible with your floral choices and going with seasonal availability will also help keep costs lower if this is important, but will also give the florist more licence to create the most outstanding arrangement they possibly can. Some flowers such as peonies and tulips are only available for short periods of the year so if you are dead set on having them out of season then do be prepared for a higher cost.

Do you charge for delivery?

We charge for delivery, collection and / or installation and breakdown of an event.

This usually works out to be around %15 of the overall floral quote but if we are only making the flowers for your bridal party then delivery will just be according to the location and how many different locations we need to deliver to.

What about vases and candlelight?

Unless you have your own you want to use, we will usually provide the vases for your flower arrangements and the cost for this will be incorporated into the price we quote for your arrangements

We can also provide small clear tealight votives at $1 each hire or we have a small selection of vintage crystal dinner candle holders we can hire at $5 each including tapered candle.

We do ask that you check with your venue first that they allow candles as some do not.


I have my heart set on peonies for my wedding, will this be possible?

Peonies are a wedding favourite and this beautiful blousy bloom has a short season from late October through to December, so if you are getting married outside on these months then unfortunately not.

We can however always find a way to incorporate other beautiful blousy blooms such as fully bloomed garden roses to give that same romantic and soft texture we love from Peonies.


I cant find what i need to order on your website, how do i order something specific?

If you would like to order something specific then just give us a call and we will arrange this for you over the phone.

What are the same day delivery cut off times?

For same day delivery, if you are delivering within Paraparaumu you can order up until 1pm . For outside of Paraparaumu we ask that you order by 10am to ensure our courier can pick up and process your delivery in time.

If you miss the cut off time just give us a call as we may still be able to arrange something.

What happens if the recipient is not home?

If your recipient isn’t available to receive your gift, then our courier will try to leave the flowers somewhere safe out of the rain and sun at the address or with a neighbour. They will leave a calling card with these details and we will call you to let you know. . If we are delivering to a work place we may have to leave the flowers with reception and they pass the flowers to the recipient from here as we are sometimes not allowed access to the whole building .

The flowers cannot be returned if the delivery is outside of Paraparaumu. It is up to you to ensure that there is someone available to receive the flowers or that there is a safe place to leave the flowers at the address.

What will be in my bouquet?

We purchase only the best seasonal flowers and foliages we can get from market that day and we will choose from this selection according to your order to ensure you get the best value for your money. If you require specific flowers just give us a call and we will try accomodate this the best we can.

How do you wrap the bouquets.

We don’t like to use bright papers and tissues to wrap your bouquets as we believe the flowers and foliages are pieces of art and should be displayed as such against a neutral backdrop as you would a painting in an art gallery.

We use white kraft paper and our branded tissue to elegantly wrap and support your blooms. We also wrap the stems with a small amount of water to ensure they arrive as fresh as they left!

Your message will be written in our custom Love Stomp gift card which will be tied to the bouquet with ribbon.

Can i collect my flowers?

Of course! just give us a call to let us know what time you will come and collect them. Do also keep in mind our opening hours.

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